Today is my third day in New York. In the morning, the weather was snowing, and then it started blizzard slowly from the noon. This weather brought about all cancel of the events supposed to hold today in the United Nations, unfortunately. So I spent the whole of my time in the afternoon in Macdonald to read some books. After that, I go back to my hotel which is not so good just like Japanese Toyoko-Inn" for next schedule. To follow the plan, I should wake up early in the morning tomorrow, so I have to go to bed earlier than yesterday. To be honest, this terrible snow gave me a little rest to fix my time-lag in California.
The second picture shows the broken ceiling harmed heavily by snow accumulated during the night. This shocking picture jogged my memory of the first visit in New York in seven years ago.

Travelers who could not get around this weather would be obliged to stay for at least one day for their move. I have to say to myself that I was lucky to avoid their confusing travel.